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We will connect you, the seller, to the buyers, ensuring maximum return for you!

Recently, a growing trend towards car consignment has emerged based on the same simple model. The hassles of private car sales make car consignment well worth considering. We will sell your car and market it for you.

To professionally market a high priced item like a car requires significant prep work, product knowledge, skills to facilitate negotiations, the ability to meet buyers’ needs for financing and a variety of other factors that complicate the sale process.

So,how exactly does car consignment work?

Determining Your Car’s Market Value

Our professionals will look over the car, ask you questions about its history, check out the mileage, assess condition and marketability, and present you with a valuation.

In the case of a car consignment , the valuation is the price we believe we will sell your car for in the private market.

The consignment price is typically thousands more than the dealer’s offer because it represents what many refer to as the “Private Party” price for your car – in other words, what another private buyer will pay for your car whereas the dealer’s price represents the “Wholesale” price for your car.

Marketing Your Car to Potential Buyers

Marketing your car properly is critical to selling it quickly and at the right price.

Setting the Right Price

Pricing is an area where consignment stores may vary most. Some stores will offer pricing guidance and advice but leave the ultimate pricing decision in your hands.

As professionals, we know the market and should aim to obtain the highest value possible for your car.

Selling, Negotiating, and Handling Paperwork

Perhaps the biggest benefit of car consignment is that we handle the actual sale transaction. We may handle all test drives, buyer inquiries, and paperwork. These essential pieces to private party car sales can suck up a great deal of time and are best left to experienced consignors.

We will also manage buyer negotiations, a valuable service that can be a huge comfort to buyers and sellers alike, as negotiating with strangers can be difficult. The safest and process for the buyer and seller is to allow the consignment store to handle all negotiations, payment processing, and paperwork.

Transferring Value to Consignment Car Buyers

While consignment can maximize the proceeds and speed of sale for the seller, it is also a convenient and efficient option for car buyers.

Safety is a key concern in private party car sales, and consignment shops protect sellers and buyers alike.

The consignment model is pretty simple – it’s your car, but we sell it for you.

If you think car consignment is for you, contact S4 Cars now for an appraisal and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about getting the most from your car consignment!

Consignment Service

The Consignment Selling Fee is not paid until the car is sold and will be deducted out of the proceeds of the sale.

*Commissions are not paid until we sell your car and will come out of the proceeds of the sale*

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